eDevelopers, L.L.C.
an avant-garde software company;
a·vant-garde  (ä'vänt-gärd', av'änt-)
1. of, relating to, or being
part of an innovative group.

1. a group active in the
invention and application
of new techniques in a given field.
Developers, L.L.C.
an avant-garde software company
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  March, 2014  
  Our site is revamped. Welcome to the new look and feel of eDevelopers, L.L.C.. Be sure to check out each section of the web site for important information. To come back to the home page, simply click our logo at the top left of the screen.  
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  eDevelopers L.L.C. is a company entrenched in the long standing tradition of software consulting and development. We put to work our methodology in every aspect of the development realm. Our experience has carried us from industries such as automotive, to financial instutions. The common denominator of every business is the need for infomration, and the technology to get results time and again. We specialize in working with you to figure out your needs, and developing reliable tools to get you there.

eDevelopers L.L.C. is the right fit for any size company. We have a program for everyone. Large entities may want product ownership, where as smaller firms may want to subscribe to application hosting. Whether the case, eDevelopers can provide a solution.

Tradition preserved: Software development practices, life cycle implementation, and project conclusion are the keys to success. We fully paticipate in all facets of the life of a project: consulting, design, development, testing, implementation, trainging and support.

Let us get you there.

       eDevelopers. The right choice.


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